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Uwe Boll Directs Metal Gear? "Absolutely Not."

Uwe BollWhew, there is sanity in the world after all.  Apparently the news that notorious "film" director Uwe Boll was in the running to direct the movie based on Metal Gear Solid has worked its way back to the game's creative center, Hideo Kojima, who when asked if the story was true responded with "Absolutely not."  Good work, team.  Those prayers worked.

"Absolutely not. I don’t know why Uwe Boll is even talking about this kind of thing. We never talked to him. It’s impossible we would do a movie with him."

I think I've figured out the secret to neutralizing Uwe Boll.  We can't stop him from directing bad movies; that's a given.  We'll do the next best thing.  We'll sacrifice bad games to him so he can turn those into bad movies.  Just fill his schedule with 25 To Life and Crime Life: Gang Wars so that he won't have time for Metroid or Castlevania.  Then everybody wins.