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Time To Play Nintendo

NES clock People love to take the hollowed out shell of a Nintendo Entertainment System and do neat things to it.  This time around someone has turned the case into a digital alarm clock.  Pretty neat idea, I say.  I have to wonder why Nintendo isn't selling such vintage items themselves.  I mean, the company has dabbled in the non-gaming electronics market before, but they merely license the rights to Mario and friends to third party manufacturers that create phones and clocks that look like Mario.  I want to see actual console-based items.  I'd suggest building them a little smaller than the real thing, of course.  While this hobbyist clock is a great little gadget, it's too big for my nightstand.  Oh, and the alarm sound should include my choice of either Super Mario Bros. coin collecting or The Legend of Zelda sword shots.

(via BoingBoing)