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Super Architecture Brothers

Tetris blocksAs the gamers grow up and gain influence in the business world it's inevitable that we'll start to see architecture that seems to be inspired by game-related elements.  Joystiq has a keen observation regarding a tower that looks like a Sony PlayStation 2, for instance.  I can certainly see the resemblance, and furthermore I have to admit I'm guilty of planting game-inspired designs in my own work.

My day job involves creating computer models of proposed construction projects, and in the past my team and I have had fun with "familiar" designs.  The trick is not to make the inspiration stand out.  If you're not looking for it, you shouldn't see it.  For example, today I'm working on a new building that if you were to look down upon it you'd see the familiar formation of Tetris blocks: two squares and a T-bar stacked together.  Unfortunately I can't share any photos of the proposed building here today, but the gamers in the office always get a kick out of referring to a beloved game.  In the past we've had fun with camera angles from Super Mario 64 and a building design that, from the correct angle, looks like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.  Most folks don't catch the references, but those people "in the know" always smile when they see our work.