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Sony Fans Demand Free Games, Ponies

Sony PlayStation logoOnline petitions never work.  Or, at least, that's the general stereotype.  If you're ever looking for the poster child of failed online petitions I believe I have the group for you.  Here's the gist: a group of Sony fans are demanding that the entire Sony PlayStation back catalog be released for free on the Internet by Sony in order to "make this legacy games available for future generations" [sic].  Later they want the PlayStation 2 catalog to be up for grabs, too.  How's that for naive optimism?

This page is dedicated to organizing an official request from the world's gaming community to release the legacy PSX and, eventually, the PS2 games to be freely distributed through internet and supported by future PS consoles. For now, the idea is to gather "signatures" to present an official proposal to Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. to resolve all the licencing issues for this to be able to happen. Once aprooved, we will move on to asking the developer companies to release their games for free distribution.

If ignorance is bliss, then these must be the happiest people in the world.  This has to rank up there with young wannabe game developers who vow to "finish" games like the canceled Sonic X-Treme.  Keep reaching for that star, kiddies!  Maybe someday you'll make it!