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Solving The Wrong Problem

UMDSony is disappointed in you.  Apparently you haven't been buying enough movies on the UMD format.  You've gone and upset a multi-billion dollar company.  Are you happy now?  'Cause Papa Sony has had enough of your unruly behavior.  Yes, the company isn't pleased that we haven't dashed out to Best Buy and bought UMDs by the armload.  As a response the company has decided to scale back its UMD movie operation.

Apparently, comedy is what sells on Sony's handheld, but not much else. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video have announced cancellations of certain movies, such as Warner's Goodfellas.  "We're looking at this on a case-by-case basis," said Warner senior VP Jeff Baker. "We're disappointed with consumer demand at this time."

So we're moving on from UMD movies.  What's Sony's next project, you may ask?  It's UMD movies!  Specifically, there's plans to create a UMD-to-TV adapter so that all those UMDs you and I didn't buy and that Sony is going to cut back on producing will play on our televisions instead of the (comparatively) tiny Sony PlayStation Portable screen.  It seems to me that this device is Sony's next attempt to get the UMD market moving.  If we won't watch UMDs on our PSPs, maybe we'll watch them on television instead.  Being able to put a small disc into a machine that can then display a movie on my television has long been a dream of mine.  I'm shocked that another group hasn't come up with the idea already.

But seriously, Sony is trying to solve the wrong problem.  We don't want UMDs because they're overpriced and underwhelming in terms of special features when compared to a disc media format that is actually popular, the DVD.  Sony would love for everyone to jump on the UMD bandwagon because they invented the format and therefore a high demand for UMDs would put a lot of money in the company's pockets.  However, until they can come up with something that DVDs cannot offer, I don't see how UMD movies will light anyone's dreams on fire.  If Sony is looking to make the PSP popular, then I offer some free advice: GAMES!  Create some amazing games for that little unit and then sales will go up.  Nobody is clamoring to buy another version of Ghostbusters and Family Guy.  An impressive library of exclusive games, on the other hand, would have most gaming folks handing over wads of cash left and right.