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MotherI'm very fond of pointing out how Nintendo has yet to translate and release the Mother 1+2 compilation for Game Boy Advance outside of Japan.  I somehow hope that if I mention it enough, it will shame Nintendo in releasing it.  If I had the power to yank a Japanese title across the sea for release, this would be one of the first things I reach out and grab.  This goes back to my semi-obsession with the best damn Super NES RPG of all time, Earthbound.

I'm not the only one semi-obsessed, of course.  The Earthbound/Mother fan site Starman.net has been investigating Mother-related topics for years, and one of their more recent reports involves a rather complete comparison between the original Mother game, the aborted English translation that was never officially released, and the Game Boy Advance re-release.  It surprises me how much Mother has continued to change and evolve over the years.  Let's hope someday that it evolves its way outside of Japan.