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Poisonous Snakers

Wario in his kartI just finished a brutal online match of Mario Kart DS, and I say it was brutal because I had my first encounter with a snaker; that is, a player who makes use of the "snaking" technique to boost kart speed and generally leave every other player in the dust.  Imagine lining up at the starting line at Isle Delfino and when the green light hits, the snaker is already up ahead at the large Pianta statue just as you press the accelerator.  It's a horrendous display of disrespect for the other players, and in fact the two other folks in the match dropped out during the first lap of the first race after it became obvious there was a snaker among us.  I stayed for all four races because the way I see it I lose if I drop and lose if I don't, so I might as well stick around to watch the snaker get his ego boost for the day.

I can understand the use of snaking if it's just one of many tricks and techniques in use during a race.  Balanced out with item use and skillful driving, I can see how it can be used in a clinch.  However, to snake all the time on every lap of every race is not only frustrating to other players who want a clean match, but also has to be downright boring for the snaker.  What's the point in playing the game if you know you'll win every time by a wide margin?  This particular snaker had racked up over 500 wins, so it seems obvious that this person races like this often.  Why keep coming back if there's no challenge?