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MGM Makes Like Goa'uld; Takes New Host For Stargate

Chevron sevenThe grave of Stargate SG-1: The Alliance has just barely been filled when MGM announces that they've licensed the property to Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment in order to create a MMORPG for the PC based on StargateStargate Worlds allows players to become either a member of Stargate Command (the good guys) or a Goa'uld System Lord (the bad guys).  Then they all battle it out for the fate of the universe or something.  Expect to see appearances from the Ori, the Asgard, and all your favorite aliens.  On the surface it seems like a good idea.  However, seeing as how The Alliance's body is still somewhat warm, I'm a little cynical.

I have a feeling that someone whispered in MGM's ear that while console games are sold once, MMORPGs sell once and then players pay to keep playing.  Imagine the profit!  "Unfortunately", MGM already had a console game in the pipeline that they probably didn't want competing with a new MMORPG.  Somehow the whole Alliance deal is poisoned and MGM sits on its hands until the game is dead.  Now this Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment can step forward and create the MMORPG.  I'm betting that Cheyenne was specifically created to do this job, mainly because they seem to be a new group and, of course, Cheyenne Mountain is the home of Stargate Command in the Stargate universe.  It's as if the next Star Trek game were developed by Federation Software.  It's just a little too coincidental.

The thing is, I don't want to pay a monthly fee to play a video game.  I especially don't want to pay it if I can't be on the SG-1 team and play as Col. Jack O'Neill.  I don't want to be a generic SGC member along with thousands of others.  I don't want to follow an in-game storyline that will never actually end.  MGM/Cheyenne will keep moving the goal a little further away every time someone comes close to winning.  They have to keep the game profitable.  Now I can understand how MGM sees the dollar signs here, but I wonder how many Stargate fans will go for this over The Alliance.  So far there's at least one fan who hasn't been won over.