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Dance Dance Revolution: Mario MixRest easy, musical Mario fans.  Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is about to come back to stores.  You may recall that the game and its included Action Pad (you know, a dance mat) were discontinued last year after a surprisingly short availability window.  Apparently Nintendo underestimated the popularity of the game and didn't manufacture enough units to satisfy demand.  Well, PTB reader Skor Grimm wasn't about to do his dancing sitting down, so he called Nintendo and arranged to be contacted by the company when more units became available.  Now Nintendo has spoken.  Mario Mix will be back in stores in April.  But wait, there's more!

I was told by a [Nintendo] service representative that new copies of sweet Dance Dance Mario Mix action would be re-arriving on store shelves in the USA sometime in mid-April. As if that weren't good enough news to my ears, he continued his tale and told me that 2,000 copies would be sent to Nintendo corporate headquarters (in Redmond). He went on to explain that I could reserve one of these copies for the regular retail price plus tax, and they ship it to me (for free) in mid-March.

So there you have it.  More Mario Mix for all and, if you act fast enough and snoop out Nintendo's special phone number, you can buy a copy from the company direct and get free shipping.  What's not to love?  Although this does put an end to my plans to retire off of sales from overpriced Mario Mix eBay auctions.