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The Super Mario Bros. Super ShowThe first volume of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show won't be unleashed on DVD until next month, but already the reviews are starting to trickle out.  DVD Verdict takes a look at the DVD set, explaining just what fans of the old cartoon show can look forward to once the package is opened, such as 1980s pop culture that hasn't really aged very well.

And then there's the live segment's guest stars—oh, the guest stars! Besides a few notable names like Cyndi Lauper , Nicole Eggert, and Magic Johnson (via blue screen!), The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! featured a veritable parade of C-list flavor-of-the-months like The Wonder Years' Danica McKellar, walking, talking action figure Sgt. Slaughter, and even Fight Back! consumer crusader David Horowitz. It's definitely a blast from the kitschy past seeing these personalities back on TV, and if the prospect of watching Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo star Shaba-Doo teach Captain Lou Albano how to breakdance excites you, then I must inform you that you're not alone. No, with juvenile humor and near-forgotten celebrities, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! hasn't aged very well at all, but that's probably the best reason for modern viewers to pick up the set.

You hear that?  Shaba-Doo!  And David Horowitz!  Kids went nuts for David Horowitz back in the 1980s.  This is an interesting review and if you're on the fence about buying this set when it hits stores, this may be the text that tips you over the edge (one way or the other).  I'm curious what today's kids will think of the program.  Will it entertain them the way it entertained my generation almost twenty years ago?  The answer: of course it will.  It has David Horowitz fer cryin' out loud, and kids of any generation love David Horowitz.