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Legend of Zelda Celebrates 20th Anniversary

LinkAccording to Internet lore today is the twentieth anniversary of the first release of the original The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Yes, it was twenty years ago that we were first introduced to the heroic Link, the missing Zelda, the twisted Ganon, and those damn Moblins.  While Mario is your gaming buddy who's always around for a new adventure, Link is like the old friend who only passes through town once in a while.  Whenever he shows up it's an event; the two of you hang out and smite evil for a few weeks, and then he goes away for a few years until next time.  Take a moment today to take your favorite Zelda game out of the box and run through a dungeon or two.  Pick up a Magic Boomerang or Silver Arrow for old time's sake.  After all, classic adventures never grow old.