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Bad Cheese On The Loose

Cheese the ChaoLeave it to the gang at UK Resistance to spot the fake Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise.  Apparently there's a key chain of Cheese (Cream the Rabbit's chao buddy) sold as part of a line of Sonic X items.  However, the chao in the package isn't wearing Cheese's trademark bow tie and is stamped as being created in 2000 which, as I'm sure you all know, is several years before the character's debut.  The verdict is that these are unsold generic chao figures created in the days of Sonic Adventure rebranded in new packaging to ride on Sonic X's coattails.

Cheese wasn't even born (invented) in the year 2000, and he was born in Mobius not China. This has been sitting in a warehouse for six years waiting to be resold. They're pulling the wool over the eyes of consumers. This is a simple warning to all Cheese fans out there.

I know that many of you out there have been eager to get your hands on a Cheese key chain, so consider this your public service announcement.  But seriously, if these keychains are left over from the Sonic Adventure marketing push then we have to face the fact that six years ago someone at Sega thought that everyone would want a chao key chain, so they manufactured more than they could sell.  Now, after all these years, they're eager to be rid of this unsold stock.  There are many gaming elements I'd like to have in key chain form just for fun, but I can't say that a chao (Cheese or not) is anywhere on my list.