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Wi-Fi Connector Hits Stores

Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectorThe prophecy has been fulfilled.  After selling exclusively online for nearly two months, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector is now available on the shelf at Best Buy.  $40 will snag the connector that provides access to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for those without wireless routers, but what amazes me is the option of paying Best Buy $160 to install the connector.  For those who haven't used the connector, the installation process consists of the following:

  1. Insert CD into computer to automatically install connector driver.
  2. Plug connector into a free USB port.
  3. Press the DS touchscreen button to indicate the presence of the connector.
  4. Remove CD and put it in a safe place.

I know that the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is supposed to be so simple that even the most non-technical person can access it, but if you're already versed with technology to the point where you understand the whole online gaming idea, but you're not able to follow the simple installation directions so you need to pay $160 for installation, then you really should be spending more time with your studies and less time playing Mario Kart DS.