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The secret of the ooze Some gamers like to tweak their consoles with modchips in order to add some unauthorized enhancements and features.  The legality of such things is in a bit of a gray area depending on where one lives, but today we're not going to be discussing morality or legality or even how to add a modchip to a console.  No, today we're going to discuss how not to add a modchip to a console.  Step One would be to seemingly melt one of the chips on the console's motherboard.

Good grief! How is that even possible? I've been slightly careless with the soldering iron in the past end ended up clipping a chip leaving a slight melt mark, but I can't for the life of me work out what could have happened to it - it can't be the chip casing as there simply isn't enough material there. Even if it is still working, I think d0 is nicely covered there so you can kiss any chance of modding that thing without a new [motherboard] goodbye...

I've seen some strange things in my life, but I had no idea that a game console could bleed like that.  Consider this a friendly reminder that if you're going to have your console modded, have it modded by someone who can do the job without leaving a puddle of hardened ooze behind.