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Can Sony Avoid Microsoft's Mistake?

What Do You Do With Your Hands?

Black This dates back to last month, but I found it to be worth highlighting.  Vicejoy ponders when the gaming industry will grow up, as in offering innovating gameplay elements and not just caveman smashy-type thrills.  In this case the criticism is tossed at IGN's preview of Black, the upcoming shooter from Electronic Arts for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox.  It's a valid point to make; after all this time and for as many shooters that have been developed and sold, when is the genre going to evolve?  When is it going to grow and change?

Despite all the technological advancements in today's gaming, we still haven't seen a character turn on a light switch with his hand, much less pick up ammo by actually bending over and grabbing it. You can use your hands to hold guns, pull triggers, toss grenades, punch, stab, but God help you if you actually wanted to use them for something other than killing. We're using ours to yawn. How about you?

No comment today.  Just food for thought.  Is there room in the marketplace for a "smart" shooter that places realism, interaction, and attention to detail above "KABOOM!!"?