Hoaxes and Fakes and Mock-Ups, Oh My!
Chilled Tomatoes Make Great Gifts

Weekly Poll: The Best Medicine

Weekly Poll for 1-23-2006 The counterfeiters aren't winning the war just yet, as from the looks of things few of you have actually seen fake games for sale in the wild.  A few of you have bought the shady goods though, so always remember to check those game paks and discs before handing over money.

Moving on, how do you feel about video games as a pain reliever?  I commented on a study linking games to pain relief, but I'm curious how the rest of you think about such things.  Have you played video games while in serious pain in order to try and take the edge off?  If not, would you consider trying it?  Once again I'll highly recommend it.  Form a special bond with a game or two in times of poor health and you'll have a digital friend for life.  I guarantee it.