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Weekly Poll: It's A Fake!

Weekly Poll for 1-15-2005There's not a lot of love for retailer GameStop apparently, as there's plenty of browsers but not many dedicated customers.  I tend to make my gaming purchases from either Best Buy (for when I have to have a game right then and there) or Amazon.com (if I can wait a day or two for shipping).  But GameStop?  Not so much.

Last week's talk of counterfeit game paks got me thinking about just how many pirated copies of games are floating around out there.  Have you ever bought one?  Have you been taken in by a "direct from the factory" Super Manio Bros.?  Or Metriod Fusion?  Did you buy it from a shady character on 52nd Street or from the assumed safety of eBay?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Cast your vote and leave comments below.  Share your stories and help warn others of the heartbreak of Muga Man