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Weekly Poll: Anticipation

Weekly Poll for 12-25-2005 With the holidays behind us now it's good to see that everybody got at least something that they wanted for a gift.  Believe it or not there were no video games on my wish list last year and the bulk of the gifts I received were DVDs of fantastic and recommended programs such as Stargate SG-1, Firefly (and Serenity), Seinfeld, and so on.  I may pick up a game or two once I use the perennial gift cards, but I think I'll save those for new releases.  I'm about due for a new Nintendo DS game to keep me occupied.

On to this week (and this year).  At the close of 2005 I made some predictions regarding what I believe we'll see this year in the world of video games, but now I want to know which anticipated event is the highest on your list for the year.  Is it a console release?  A major game release?  Vote in the poll and let's hear some comments.