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Sonic Team Supports Revolution?

Uh Oh! Looks Like He's Been Using Brand X

Love that Joker! We all know that there's a dark side to the world of video games, and I'm not talking about Ganon or Mother Brain.  Counterfeit video game products hurt everyone in the industry, from the talented folks who develop the actual games to those of us who just want to buy a used game from eBay without being sold a cheap inferior knock-off of a real game pak.  Several years ago Nintendo set out to educate their customers (both retailers and end users) by providing photos of authentic and counterfeit Nintendo products set side by side.  Although the site hasn't been updated since the dawn of the Nintendo GameCube, it remains as an interesting archive that allows us to see just how closely (or just how horribly) counterfeiters attempt to duplicate authentic products.

All of your old favorites from the late Game Boy Color and early Game Boy Advance eras are here: Metroid Fusion, Wario Land 4, Super Mario Advance, Pokemon Blue and Red, Mario Kart Super CircuitF-Zero Maximum Velocity, and many more.  There's even a few issues of the 2001 and 2002 anti-piracy newsletter up for grabs.  Remember not to be duped by cheap auction prices or fishy labels.  Always demand authentic video game products.