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Nintendo catalog Back in the late 1980s when Nintendo ruled the playground we all wanted products with Mario's smiling face on them.  We didn't even really care just what those products were, in fact.  They just needed to feature Mario.  Link would have been alright, too.  Some products (bedsheets, t-shirts, and baseball caps) make sense in a child's world.  Other products (ice cream sandwiches, suspenders, and a desk) are just odd curiosities.  Progressive Boink has uncovered a catalog of Nintendo products that originally appeared in a 1990 issue of Nintendo Power and has removed the original captions and replaced them with hilarious text snippets.

As a child I too fell into the Nintendo web of licensed products.  I had the bedsheets, the trash can, the game watch, the storage trunk (still have that, actually), the water bottle, the towel, the t-shirt,  the drinking glasses, the cup & cereal bowl set, the pencils, the stuffed Mario toy, the notebooks, the folders, the kite, the calendars, the board game, the birthday cake, the comic books, the figurines, the trophies, and the game pak storage case.  I ate the ice cream sandwiches, the ice cream bars, the fruit snacks, and the cereal.  I drank the soda.  Keeping all that in mind, even I think most of the merchandise in this old catalog is as odd now as it was then (although the ice cream was pretty tasty).

(via Boing Boing)