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The Excitability Factor

Gran Turismo Vision Today's office conversation snippet is between an avid gamer co-worker and myself in which I tell him of the list of Sony PlayStation 3 launch titles:

MattG: "So did you see where there's a list of supposed PS3 launch titles?"
Co-Worker: "Nah, what are they?"
MattG: "The Eye of Judgment..."
Co-Worker: (silence)
MattG: "Angel Rings..."
Co-Worker: (silence)
MattG: "Genji 2..."
Co-Worker: (silence)
MattG: "Monster Carnival..."
Co-Worker: (silence)
MattG: "Everybody's Golf 5..."
Co-Worker: (silence)
MattG: "and Gran Tur-"
Co-Worker: "Gran Turismo Vision?!?"

Something tells me that Sony can count on at least one sale there.