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Stargate SG-1: The Alliance Experiences Unscheduled Offworld Cancellation

Chevron sevenAfter months of legal wrangling it's about to be announced that Stargate SG-1: The Alliance for the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and PC has been canceled, relegated to the sad vault of games nearly complete but shelved.  MGM, owner of the Stargate franchise, is expected to make a formal announcement next week regarding details of the cancellation (although I wouldn't expect much out of that), but for now the news has come from the game's official message forum.  It's sad to see The Alliance go into that dark night, as the Stargate universe is ripe with gaming potential.  The writing has been on the wall for The Alliance for a while now, however, as the television show has undergone a change in cast and premise from what the video game was set to present, plus two of the three target platforms are being eclipsed by new game consoles.

The Alliance had its rough spots when I played it back at E3 last year, but it had great potential.  All of the original cast and creative staff from the television show had been involved with its production, from Richard Dean Anderson providing the voice of Jack O'Neill to David Palffy returning as Anubis.  The game's story had been crafted by the show's writers and was to be set during SG-1's seventh season (the show is currently in the middle of its ninth season).  All that talent and time gone to waste... such a shame.  The Alliance also has the minor distinction of being the first game I talked about here on Press The Buttons.  Farewell, The Alliance.  Here's hoping we meet again someday.