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Sit Well, Score Well

Wario sits comfortablyAside from a solid game console and a library of fun games, one of the most important ingredients in a gaming environment is a comfortable chair.  Who wants to play games sitting on some wooden bench or hardwood floor?  Fortunately the gang at Ask Metafilter has come to the rescue and are discussing which chairs are the best for gaming.  There's suggestions for every budget, all the way from Aeron desk chairs down to beanbag sacks.

As for me, when I play my console games I lay back in my recliner and, Wavebird controller in hand, stay put for hours.  When I'm at the computer, however, I'm in my new oversize leather chair.  It doesn't recline, but with a chair that comfortable it really doesn't need to.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go sit down.