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Resident Evil For Revolution?

Leon S. KennedyLet's get the bad news out of the way right now: it looks as though Resident Evil 5 will not appear on Nintendo's next-generation console.  However, here comes the good news: the Revolution may well get an exclusive Resident Evil title that takes advantage of the console's unique controller.  AMN has some quotes from the producer behind Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for the Nintendo DS who says that while his team is working on a Revolution game that is not related to the famed horror series, his team loves the new controller and sees an opportunity to create a Resident Evil title for it.

According to Nakai, the technology offered by the forthcoming Nintendo platform could potentially serve as the catalyst for a big of a change in the Resident Evil series as the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 did one year ago. Nakai has stated that "Even if the playability of Resident Evil 4 thus remains very led to my taste. We would clearly like to use the potential of the controller, because the players could end up wearying themselves of this style of gameplay."

As much as I'd like to see Resident Evil 5 land on the Revolution (since I plan to snap one up as soon as they're available), I'd love to see an installment of the series that uses the new controller.  As you may remember, I'm not much of a fan of gory violent games that are gory and violent just for the sake of being, well, gory and violent.  I picked up Resident Evil 4 on a whim last summer and was quickly sucked in by the suspense and mystery of the storyline as well as the puzzle elements that are mixed with the shooter requirements.  I'm eager to revisit the Resident Evil world in the next generation, although someday I really must go back and finish Evil 4.  That's the downside of reviewing video games on a deadline.  No matter how much I love a particular game, I have to move on to the next thing on the list all too quickly, leaving little time to go back for the pure fun of it.