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Pikachu, I Eat You!

PikachewAsk your average gamer what they believe Nintendo's Pokemon franchise is missing and you'll almost always get the same answer: "cheese".  Well, now an enterprising gamer/chef has found a way to remedy that, bridging the gap between digital and dairy.  With the aid of a special Hasbro Play Doh character mold, Alan Turner creates his own Pikachus made out of cheese.

After testing an assortment of soft cheeses (Laughing Cow (TM) triangles, port wine spread, Velveeta (TM), "brie without the rind" (imagine a brie Velveeta), brie still remains the best Pikachu molding foodstuff.  The Laughing Cow (TM) didn't conform to the mold well, the port wine spread didn't release from the mold well no matter how well the mold was oiled, the rindless brie molded well, but sagged after a few minutes. The Velveeta (TM) molded well and held its shape, but, well, it's Velveeta.

Alan may be on to something here.  We've seen licensed food products on the market for years (ice cream sandwiches, fruit snacks, soup, juices, and so on) but it's very rare that we see licensed food actually shaped like whatever property has been licensed.  If cheese isn't your thing then Alan also has a recipe for Pikachu tater tots prepared with the same methodology.  I can almost see a bag of Pikachu tater tots in the freezer case at the grocery store.  That may mean that it's time to go lay down for a while.

(via Metafilter)