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Chevy Chase They can take it off release lists, they can stop talking about it at press events, and they can pull it from the company website, but the last sign that a video game currently in development is indeed dead and gone is when refunds are issued for preorders.  Such is the fate of Capcom's Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.  The game is nearly two years late at this point and now Capcom is refunding money to hopeful fans who preordered directly from the company.

Enclosed please find a refund check for your order of Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the Game Boy Advance through our CAPCOM online store. This game has been placed on indefinite hold. We appreciate your continued support of CAPCOM products and appreciate your business.

Those of us out there who were keeping a little shred of hope alive for this game must finally face the truth: when a publisher gives money back willingly, they have no intention of ever shipping the product.  The compilation has had a terrible development cycle and since it isn't exactly a high profile title anymore (if it ever was) Capcom may have decided to cut bait and focus resources elsewhere.  It's not a good week to be a fan of a delayed game, that's for sure