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It's A Good Life

That's a good thing you've done, Anthony.Players who misbehave in World of Warcraft or Everquest face being banned from the game, but those who misbehave in the MMO reality known as Second Life face a much worse punishment: being sent to the cornfield.  Break the rules of the game and be sent to a virtual prison in which there is only a tractor, an old television that shows only a public domain teenage crime movie from the 1940s, and rows upon rows of corn.  The idea is to deter players from breaking the rules because the result is just plain boring compared to the rest of Second Life.

I have to chuckle at the idea of banishing players to the cornfield, and anyone familiar with The Twilight Zone is probably smiling at the concept as well.  It's an interesting idea though and it has me curious if any other MMO games will implement similar punishments.  When it comes to video games there's nothing worse than an empty level with no objectives.  No word on if thinking bad thoughts also results in being sent to the cornfield, but why risk it?

(via BoingBoing)