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If You Have To Ask, You'll Never Know

Speak no evilLet's just all agree that major game publishers don't want to talk about their next-generation launch titles.  Earlier in the week Sony let loose a list of supposed Sony PlayStation 3 launch titles, but then quietly withdrew the list.  The gang at Kotaku e-mailed Sony for a comment on the matter, and this is the reply:

These were titles we already disclosed at Tokyo Game Show last year, as titles being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan for PLAYSTATION 3. We do not disclose further details.

Translation: "There is nothing new to see here.  Stop asking."  I know the gaming media is supposed to question publishers on these kinds of things, but it seems that an auto-responder could do the job of certain PR contacts ("We do not comment on rumors").  I especially like Sony's use of the words "do not", as if Kotaku should have known that since there'll be no useful information forthcoming, why even bother to ask?  Just once I'd like to see a publisher offer a meaningful reply to this kind of question without politely telling us to buzz off.