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Hoaxes and Fakes and Mock-Ups, Oh My!

It's a controller, really! It seems that everyone has an idea what the Nintendo Revolution system interface should look like.  Joystiq has been posting pictures and clips of the alleged interface for a while now, never really sure if the user-submitted images are real or fake.  Now this morning they've posted one that is clearly fake, in fact one so fake that Joystiq even debunks it in the same posting as the image itself.  This brings me to ask you all something I've wondered for a while.  What's the fascination with creating your own crappy mock-up of an interface or a gadget and passing it off as the real deal?

I suppose my main gripe with the posting of these mock-ups is that the creators claim they are the real honest-to-god images of the interface or the gadget.  "This is the real one, I swear it!  My uncle's best friend's Canadian cousin works for Nintendo!"  Granted that there are some neat creative images out there that clearly took some talent to create, but most appear to be made by kids with too much free time and a cracked version of Photoshop or After Effects.  Post a mock-up on a blog or a fan forum and the folks just eat it up like it's Mach Pizza.  "Oh my god!  That's gotta be real!"  Sure, kid, if you say so.  At least the Joystiqers aren't falling for it this time around.