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F-Zero X Track Editor Closer To Completion

White Land F-Zero enthusiast and game hacker BGNG has sent word that his homemade F-Zero X track editor has moved one step closer to completion.  As you may recall, he's working to create an editor for the racetracks of F-Zero X to compensate for the lack of a non-Japan release of the Nintendo 64DD F-Zero X Expansion Kit add-on.  Now with the addition of a fully-functional, complete course surface polygon generator, BGNG's editor is looking more and more solid.  This image is a newly-rendered White Land, for instance.  Next up in the project comes the examination of F-Zero X's ghost data to allow players to create their own course ghosts and swap them with friends online.  Keep an eye open for more F-Zero X hackery later in the week here on PTB.