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ESA Clarifies E3 Booth Babe Policy

Nintendo dress codeIt would seem that most E3 fans like the booth babes, as the ESA (the group officially behind E3) has spoken up regarding the slew of stories running around the Internet discussing how the E3 dress code policy changed to eliminate nearly-naked women parading around the show floor.  Apparently the dress code itself is to remain unchanged and it is the enforcement policy that is changing.  Basically, show too much skin and get fined.  So rest easy, booth babe fans.  They'll be at the show after all.

May I just suggest that companies should aim to make their models dress like the women Nintendo had in their booth last year?  No low-cut tops, no short skirts, no excess boobage, and no overly insulting anyone's intelligence with the "sex sells" train of thought.  Just casual shirts and long pants.  Bonus points should go to companies that actually hire women who know about the products they're flaunting.  Last year I found that the women at the Nintendo booth knew what they were talking about when it came to the games on display, while the women dressed as scantily-clad Jaffa at the Stargate SG-1: The Alliance booth didn't even know what a stargate was (never mind that there was a massive stargate right in the booth itself).

Photograph courtesy Advanced Media Network