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Electroplankton Is Among Us

ElectroplanktonNintendo has unleashed the music creativity "game" Electroplankton for the Nintendo DS today in North America, but as noted previously, there's a catch.  You won't find the game for sale at your favorite game shop down the road.  Instead Nintendo has decided to sell the game through its own online store, the Nintendo World store in New York, and most major online retailers.

The Nintendo press release announcing the game's availability mentions that the company has "selected a distribution method for Electroplankton befitting its quirky character", but let's be honest.  Nintendo has no idea if this latest release will sink or swim in terms of sales, so rather than mass produce it and put it on the store shelf to compete with the latest crop of stellar titles, it'll be produced in smaller quantities and made available to those who know where to look.  I tried the Electroplankton demo at E3 last year and while it is amusing and intriguing, I have no idea how much replay value it will have as times passes.  Consider taking a chance on it for $35, for if nothing else it may become a collectible someday.