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Could Game Boy Advance "Player's Choice" Be Just Around The Corner?

Value Selection You may recall that I've been lamenting over the lack of Game Boy Advance games in Nintendo's "Player's Choice" program in which older video games that have sold very well are reduced in price to help sell just a few more units.  For instance, Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo GameCube originally cost $50 when it debuted, but now through the discount program it's available new for just $20.  For whatever reason Nintendo has seen fit to exclude Game Boy Advance games from the program, meaning that after all this time Super Mario Advance still costs $30.  Now there's an indication that could be changing in the future.

Nintendo of Japan has announced the "Value Selection" program for Game Boy Advance games in, fittingly enough, Japan.  A handful of classic GBA titles are getting a nice price cut overseas, dropping the price of titles such as Mother 1+2 and Pac-Man Collection from ¥5040 to ¥2800 (or, in dollars, $43 to $24).  There's no sign that this revised pricing will reach outside of Japan, but there's always hope.  Frankly, it's good to see Nintendo finally getting its act together regarding reduced pricing for GBA titles.  This will probably be the Game Boy Advance's final year in the spotlight, meaning that if Nintendo hopes to clear extra stock and save customers a few bucks, then now is the time.

(via Kotaku)