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KwirkWay back in 1987 or so I was in elementary school, and being the young child that I was I enjoyed a good twenty minute romp on the school's playground.  However, I rarely had the chance to romp as there was a particular girl who insisted on chasing me, preventing me from playing kickball with the guys or just climbing on the playground equipment.  Although she still denies it to this day, she had a major crush on me and was fond of telling the teachers, my parents, and anyone else within earshot that she planned to marry me one day.

Time passes (as it often does) and while the chasing and marriage demands stopped after elementary school, we remained friends in high school.  After graduation we both went our separate ways, and now I only see her maybe once a year whenever our paths briefly cross.  She's been reading my work in the interim, however.  I know this because last week while passing through town she left a late holiday gift at my door while I was at work.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the gift bag and found a copy of the 1989 Game Boy game Kwirk still wrapped in the original plastic and packaging.  PTB readers may recall that I once inquired about buying the rights to Kwirk when publisher Acclaim auctioned off their old properties.

I have no idea where she found a 17-year-old copy of an obscure little Game Boy game in completely mint condition.  I'm amazed that she was able to find it considering how many old games have been tossed away or mistreated over the years.  I'm not opening my new copy of Kwirk.  I'm keeping it sealed as my own personal collector's item, a reminder of childhood games and childhood friends.