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Cut Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man Leave it to Capcom to not only recycle another classic game, but also to get me to want it.  I commented on Mega Man: Powered Up! last year, but now that Capcom has updated the game's Japanese website with character art, gameplay footage, new levels, and other goodies, I actually find myself wanting the game, and that means by extension that I want a Sony PlayStation Portable on which to play it.  *shudder* I feel so dirty.

What's really drawing me in is the game's level construction mode and the addition of two new Robot Masters, Oil Man and Time Man.  Seeing as how Capcom is giving the Mega Man X series a remixed face-lift for the PSP as well, and also knowing that Capcom intends to give the other games in each series a little retro lovin', I think it's about to become an expensive time to be a Mega Man fan, especially considering that we're talking about the original Mega Man games that are actually fun to play.