Nintendo Announces New DS
Sonic X-Treme Revealed At Last

AMN Launches Revolution Channel

AMN logoWith news about the Nintendo Revolution about to seriously pick up we at AMN have decided it's time to launch Revolution Advanced, a new channel on our network devoted exclusively to the Nintendo Revolution.  I'll be carrying on with my Senior Editor duties there and at GameCube Advanced, meaning you can still expect to find my GameCube game reviews and previews there as new games pop up on the GameCube's way to retirement (I'm about to start work on my next review, for instance).  As for Revolution Advanced, we have some great feature articles coming up over the next few weeks including something special that I'm working on that I think you'll all enjoy.  Today's special feature is Meet The Editors in which you'll get to know the folks running the show at the new channel.  The best is yet to come though, so stay with us at the Advanced Media Network for all kinds of great new things.