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Jason Fox, True Gamer

What's Captain Falcon Doing In Sonic Riders?

Sonic Riders meets F-Zero GXI think I created a monster.  Back in September when Sega's upcoming Sonic Riders was revealed I wrote a piece on the theory that the game reuses elements of F-Zero GX which, as you'll recall, Sega co-developed with Nintendo.  To add a little graphical punch to the piece I created a quick image of Captain Falcon speeding alongside Sonic the Hedgehog in the other "lane" of an early Sonic Riders screenshot.  Now I see where the image has been featured on Kotaku and commenters in the entry's thread seem to be taking it as proof that Captain Falcon will appear in Sonic Riders.  Just to be clear, the image is not proof of such a connection because I created it.  You all know how much I hate wild baseless rumors, so I'm shooting this one down right now.  It's a fake!