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Tomayto, Tomahto

Mario Teaches Typing Quick, pick the correct term: "video game" or "videogame"?  The question regarding which of the two terms is the correct way to describe electronic games displayed on a screen has come up again as some people are starting to push for one spelling over the other.  Why should there be a controversy?  In this big modern world of ours, who is to say which spelling is the right one?

I am.  I say that "video game" is the correct way to spell the term.  We say it as two words, so why not spell it that way?  Whenever I see "videogame" I parse the pronunciation in my head as "vih-day-oh-gah-may".  We don't play vihdayohgahmays.  We play video games.  Let's continue to spell it that way.