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Sega Dreamcast Will Return (Sort Of)

Sega DreamcastRemember the rumors from earlier in the week that Sega was about to relaunch the Sega Dreamcast?  Well, it's true, but not the way that you think it is.  Basically the company has decided to take all those broken and returned Dreamcasts that have been sitting in a warehouse since the dawn of the millennium and fix 'em up in order to sell them directly to customers online for $90 or so (limit one Dreamcast per customer).  They aren't new consoles by any means, but are instead refurbished consoles, so don't be surprised if they have little scratches or dents on them.  The hardware is guaranteed to work, but the consoles will obviously have a few miles on them.

So in the end this is Sega clearing out a warehouse and making a little revenue on the side.  No new consoles will be produced, nor will these particular refurbished consoles be available in stores.  If you've wanted a Dreamcast and haven't been able to find one on the used game circuit, then this is probably your best chance to get one.  You're on your own for games though.  Sega doesn't have many refurbished Sonic Adventure 2 discs sitting around.