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Occasionally I'll Be Kwirky

KwirkThe more I thought about yesterday's news regarding the sale of Acclaim's defunct properties, the more I decided that I'd always regret not at least inquiring about the asking price for Kwirk.  If I could pick up a beloved old forgotten video game at a reasonable and affordable price, then why shouldn't I go for it?  At best I'd be able to revive an old character for a new audience and at worst I'd have the best gaming-related pick-up line in history: "That's right, ladies.  You know Kwirk?  Well, I own the rights to it."

This morning I called the auctioneer listed on the auction website to inquire about Kwirk.  It turns out that the minimum bid for any property on the page is $5,000 which puts an end to my dreams of owning the rights to the famous chilled tomato, but most interesting is that the women I spoke to on the phone told me one entity is preparing to buy every property on the list in bulk.  That's right.  Someone out there is poised to scoop up the entire Acclaim catalog in one shot.  I wonder if the buyer would consider parting with Kwirk for a reasonable and affordable price.