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Last Chance To Own A Piece Of Acclaim

UPDATE: I decided to call and inquire about the price for Kwirk.

AcclaimAs mentioned a few months ago, the last vestiges of once-mighty game publisher Acclaim are up on the auction block now.  This is your chance to purchase the rights to mighty Acclaim properties such as the home 16-bit versions of Mortal Kombat, the beloved Smash T.V., or the classic Wizards and Warriors titles from the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Check out the massive list of properties up for sale and some of the initial bids.  Exactly what you'll get for your money is questionable, as buying the rights to, say, Stargate doesn't give you the rights to the Stargate franchise, but merely the 16-bit titles that Acclaim developed based on the original film.  So if you buy that, then if anyone in the future wants to revive that specific Stargate game from 1994, they'll have to go through you.  On the other hand, if you buy one of Acclaim's original characters then you may well wind up with the entire property.

If I was in the position to pick up an abandoned Acclaim property, I'd try to buy Kwirk, the 1989 puzzle game for the Nintendo Game Boy.  It was a fun game in its time, and I figure that since I was the only person to buy the original game, I should be the one to own the rights to it.  Then I'd make the original game a free download in order to build interest in the character while I produced a new Kwirk title for the Nintendo DS.  Since I won't be bidding on Kwirk, any of you out there are free to use this idea.  All that I ask for is a free copy of Kwirk DS and my name in the credits under "special thanks".