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VG Cats: Coco Beans In Hot WaterTake-Two Interactive (publisher of titles such as the Grand Theft Auto series) has a new shareholder: anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson.  Thompson claims to have purchased shares in the company so that he can attend the next shareholder meeting and rattle a few cages.  AMN has the story and a few quotes from Thompson on the matter in case you don't have enough to do today and are looking to kill some time, as the quotes read about as you'd expect them to given Thompson's track record for acting like a childish pest. 

Thompson is more than welcome to purchase shares in any publicly-traded company that he pleases.  However, fans of Take-Two's products are just as welcome to do the same.  Thompson believes he can use his new status as a shareholder to cause trouble within the Take-Two organization.  Perhaps the best way to negate his actions here is for fans of the company's games to purchase shares of stock of their own.  If the company's fans and own employees hold a controlling interest against those like Thompson who seek to bring the company down, then Thompson and his ilk can complain all they like.  Without majority control there's not much they can do to put a stop to Take-Two's actions at the shareholder level.

This is also probably a good time to note that I stopped seeing Thompson as a legitimate threat to the video games industry quite sometime ago.  At this point whenever I read an article about Thompson's latest scheme to bring the gaming world to its knees I can only chuckle at his antics.  I haven't mentioned him here on PTB in a while because he just isn't relevant anymore.  This entry is only included here to show just how low the man has sunk in his quest: he's investing money in what he considers to be the enemy.  Even if his rants do nothing to incite the shareholders to sue the company, Take-Two continues on unabated and Thompson earns a return on his investment when the next Grand Theft Auto game is released.  Either way he manages to fill his own pockets.