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G4 Boldly Goes For Some Reason

United Federation of PlanetsI think we can now all agree that G4 is giving up its video gaming roots and aiming to become the next SpikeTV.  I say this because the channel has just acquired the rights to Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Now I like Star Trek as much as the next sci-fi fan, but it doesn't belong on a network dedicated to video gaming.  Of course, neither do reruns of The Man Show or Fastlane.  Yet there they are.  We already have a crappy network for men; I don't think we need a second one.

In terms of G4's channel positioning, [owner] Comcast has to walk a fine line lest it violate affiliate agreements for G4 with other cable operators that specify the channel focus on video games. However, video games will likely still be part of the mix at G4 given how popular they are with the young males the channel targets. "Trek" isn't exactly alien to the gamer world; the brand has generated more than 70 video game titles.

Yes, and most of those games have been terrible.  Sure, we all loved Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, but it's time to let it go.  Here's my prediction of how G4's Trek reruns acquisition will play out: it'll be something to watch if nothing else is on, but I won't go searching for it.  Hey, that sounds a lot like SpikeTV.  Well then, mission accomplished, G4!