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Final Nail Driven Into The N-Gage Coffin

N-Gage QDNokia seems to have decided to cut its losses with the much-maligned N-Gage portable game system/phone, and while we'll be seeing the N-Gage name around for future Nokia-branded gaming projects, the N-Gage hardware (both the original iteration and the QD redesign) are a thing of the past.  It's probably for the best at this point.  Few people bought into the N-Gage concept and even fewer people bought the N-Gage itself.  There are just better portable gaming options out there, and combining a watered-down version of Tomb Raider with a cell phone just wasn't going to work against the like of Super Mario and LuminesSpong has the story, and they cite a Nokia press release so I'm inclined to believe them.

Nokia had a rather large booth back at E3 this year to promote new N-Gage offerings.  I walked by it a few times and each time I passed it there was nobody there playing a game or talking to the staff.  E3 is packed full of people at all times.  The convention hall is a sea of gamers and personal space is at a minimum.  I could have gone to the N-Gage booth and done a series of backflips without colliding with a single person.  That's just how empty the place was.  So long, N-Gage hardware.  You won't be missed, but you will be remembered.  Remembered as a joke, most likely, but history can be a harsh mistress.

Spong also goes on about a Nintendo DS redesign that features free VoIP access, but I'll believe that when I see it.