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EA Acquires Jamdat

Jamdat Bowling, Bejeweled, and TetrisRemember Jamdat?  The mobile gaming company that has become quite successful with Tetris and Jamdat Bowling for mobile phones?  Well, they're part of the beast now.  Electronic Arts is purchasing the company for $680 million.  Expect to see Jamdat absorbed into the EA label and for EA to begin using Jamdat's credibility and business relationships to establish new mobile versions of Madden, smaller James Bond titles, and so on.  Plus now EA acquires all of those popular and profitable Jamdat titles.  EA has earned a bad reputation lately for some of their shovelware, but if they do this right and don't dismantle Jamdat to the point of no return (EA's mobile division will be folded into Jamdat instead of the other way around), this could actually work out for everyone, both business and consumer.  If you like Madden and Bond, that is.  Here's hoping that Jamdat's developers can infuse some new life into those franchises.