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Dance Dance Discontinued?

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario MixUPDATE: Nintendo's clarified things.  It's not discontinued, just out of stock for the rest of the year because the game has been in such high demand.  Whew!

Here's a head-scratcher for you: rumor has it that Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix has been quietly discontinued by Nintendo.  Reasons for the decision range from a problem with the production of the required Action Pad to long-term issues with the design of the Action Pad.  Nobody seems to know for sure and Nintendo isn't talking officially.  The rumor seems to have stemmed from the fact that Nintendo has stopped shipping any additional copies of the game (and the Action Pad) to stores and there are no shipments scheduled in the immediate future.  The game is already commanding high prices on eBay, some of which surpass $100.

It's a shame if this turns out to be true.  Mario Mix is a great game.  I sang/danced its praises quite extensively not too long ago.  Some people are saying that the Action Pad will make a great collectable if it turns out that Nintendo will not be producing more of them.  I'm not so sure about that.  I tend not to stomp all over my collectable items.  However, it someone works out a way to connect the discontinued Action Pad with the discontinued Virtual Boy, then we'll have the holy grail of discontinued Nintendo collectables.