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Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter While "classic" Mega Man is undergoing a cutesy re-imagining, his successor Mega Man X is about to break loose on the Sony PlayStation Portable in a remake of the first X adventure.  Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter is an expanded retelling of 1993's Mega Man X for the Super NES, and by "expanded" I mean "loaded with animation".  IGN has some footage.  Mega Man X has been doing animated video clips since the days of Mega Man X3 (the non-SNES versions) and while I really want the animation here to work, I keep having those horrible visions about the videos from Mega Man 8.

Capcom wants to do animated clips and I can respect that.  What I cannot respect is hiring voice actors who apparently cannot speak English.  Capcom is a major company and I'd think that they could afford to hire a second set of actors to handle the English translation.  I'm not judging the Maverick Hunter animation yet because, well, it's not finished.  However, I've learned my lesson when it comes to Capcom's voice talent, so let's just say that while I'm not judging anything yet, I'm also not expecting much.