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Better Late Than Never Once Again

Sonic the Hedgehog running fast Just as I upgraded to a modern computer several months ago, now I've finally taken the plunge and left the world of dial-up Internet behind.  I've become part of the broadband generation thanks to the need/desire to play Mario Kart DS and the future Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection titles, and so far I have to say that the little Wi-Fi connector works pretty well.  But aside from that I find myself a little overwhelmed with all of this extra speed.  However, since I've been a dial-up user for more than a decade, I find that I've been tuning out web content that requires a fast connection.  That's why I'm asking all of you out there this question: what can I do with this broadband connection?  Recommend me some of your favorite high speed content, if you please (MMORPGs need not apply at this time).