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Baby Princess Peach Over at the AMN forums there's been some discussion on which video game character is the most adorable of all.  Some of the votes include Yoshi, Pikachu, Cream the Rabbit, and a Dragon Quest slime, but I voted for Pommy from the Bomberman series.  Remember Pommy?  Of course you don't.  Allow my to quote my own post.

At the end of the first level of Bomberman 64 2 Bomberman and Pommy are escaping from the enemy battleship and they steal an escape shuttle. Pommy refuses to ride in it because it's gunmetal gray and very military-like. Bomberman can only convince him to come along if Pommy can repaint the ship later to something cuter. When Level 2 starts and the ship lands on a nearby planet, it's now hot pink with anime cat faces on it as emblems. Pommy is proud of his handiwork.

However, I'd like to change my vote.  After diving into Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time I've come across Baby Princess Peach and I submit to you that there has been no other character in gaming history can make audiences cry "Awwww!" like Baby Princess Peach.  I mean, just look at the jewel on her bib that matches the jewel on adult Peach's dress!  You can't tell me that's not just the most adorable thing ever.