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Zelda DVDs Dissected

The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Animated SeriesAre you still on the fence regarding picking up the recently released completed animated series based on The Legend of Zelda?  Then consider checking out TVShowsonDVD, the comprehensive television-on-disc site that has recently taken the Zelda set for a test drive and has listed each and every item available on the discs including the extra bonus material such as the trivia game and the art files for use on your computer in PDF format.

Of course, this raises the question that since these character artwork files are just in plain 'ol unprotected PDF format, how long until one can just download the file from some shady Internet site or Geocities-based fan site without bothering to, you know, actually buy the DVD.  After all, as Futurama taught us, the Internet is all about the sale and free exchange of other people's ideas.